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Blake Hilscher

  • Yeeboo Digital
Full Stack Developer and Data Specialist

Software Developer
Adventurer, Cyclist, BBQ Master, Bookworm

Blake is the software genius at Yeeboo Digital. He’s a full-stack developer specializing in big-data analysis. He’s experienced with managing large clusters of servers across many availability zones. An expert at translating “We need this, but we’re not sure how to do it…”, he’s best at building solutions, extricating all manner of data, and making it usable.

2 minutes with… Blake

What’s your favourite owl?
Laughing owl. Click here to see. Need I say more?

What gives you wings?
Rock climbing up a wall with my bare hands! It provides a great workout without feeling like you’re trapped in a gym. As an added bonus, there’s a sense of accomplishment because you improve rather quickly. It becomes obvious that you’re making progress. Tangible results are a great motivator.

What grounds you?
I enjoy working on nonprofit projects. Using my skills to assist in a client’s mission offers a sense of fulfillment that I don’t find anywhere else. I feel like I’m providing a meaningful contribution and the people I get to work with are contagiously passionate.

Ask me about:
Programming, hiking, rock climbing, travelling, cycling, craft beer, wine, fine dining.