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Justine Pitcher

  • Yeeboo Digital
Web Designer

Dedicated Equestrian, Colour Snob, Tech Savvy, Wine Lover, Wishful Vocalist

Justine joined Yeeboo Digital in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. As a Digital Producer she has had the luxury and challenge of wearing many hats. If she’s not editing graphics in Photoshop or Illustrator, you may find her caring for the online presence of the Covenant House International Sleep Out program. She enjoys cultivating relationships with our clients, seeking to understand their unique needs and developing strategies that equal solutions. Her heart lies in good design, great colour palettes and creating a brand that stands out. She duels in the art of HTML email, dives into the Luminate Online platform and enjoys getting her hands dirty in WordPress.

2 minutes with… Justine

What’s your favourite owl?
My favourite owl without a doubt would have to be a barn owl. I’ve spent so much of my past in a barn, and continue to do so… But have never had the chance to see one. We frequent the same habitats, but have yet to cross paths!

What gives you wings?
Conquering fears. There’s nothing more exhilarating than when you realize the thing you were anxious and fretting about was something that was completely made up in your head. Perspective is everything.

What grounds you?
If I’m having a bad day, or I need some time away from the computer, I know that going for a ride with my horse is the ticket. Nothing can bring me more back to the moment, or focus me more clearly than those moments spent in the saddle.

Ask me about:
Graphic Design, Web Development, Graphic Editing, Photography, Writing, Event Management, Marketing, Creating Brand Identity, Social Media and Horses.