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Renee Hilscher

  • Yeeboo Digital
Front End Web Developer - Wordpress & Luminate

Learner, Animal-Lover, Goofball, Floral connoisseur, and Amazon addict

Renee joined the Yeeboo Digital team in January of 2015. She brings the WordPress chops. She is a goofy, yet focused creature, infusing each project with technical brilliance and sparkling wit. Her favourite project to-date has been the Save the Children Canada project, because it pushed her to grow as a developer and learn different components and technologies.

2 minutes with… Renee

What’s your favourite owl?
Snowy Owl. I like their transformation; they change dramatically as they get older. Their plumage starts spotted and fades out as they get older so you might not be able to recognize them towards the end of their life.

What gives you wings?
I love travelling to new places. It’s exciting because it’s as if the world is new again. I feel like a little kid again, discovering new things and places. I like to immerse myself in the experience, gaining perspectives from the local population. It’s almost bittersweet because the people we meet are far away, and they are part of the memories even though we might never see them again. The random connections you find with others is the best feeling, like when you are struggling to communicate and suddenly discover you share a favourite tv show or food. Travelling reminds me that ultimately, we’re all the same.

What grounds you?
“If you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you’re right.” I don’t tell myself I can’t do things. There’s nothing to be gained in limiting yourself before you even start.

Ask me about:
Front-end design, User Interface design, WordPress, CSS, Photoshop, making the most of down-time, delicious food, and gorgeous vistas.