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Shannon Pitt

  • Yeeboo Digital
Partner / Director of Marketing

Mom, Best Friend, Positive Polly, Curious Cat, Stronger than ever

Shannon and Erik founded Yeeboo Digital in 2010. She is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to digital marketing. Shannon has made a name for herself building successful international advocacy campaigns that save lives and lands. She is passionate about finding the best-fit solution for her clients, and her elegant and creative approach to marketing has made her a true virtuoso in the field.

2 minutes with… Shannon

What’s your favourite owl?
The saw-whet owl. Or the barn owl. Or the snowy owl. Honestly, I love them all. Owls are generally curious creatures that are both silent and powerful. They are highly adaptive to their surroundings, and very skilled. Flexibility and adaptability is crucial in our world.

What gives you wings?
I find imagining the possibilities available to us in the digital space to be exhilarating. The constant change and growth in the digital sector allows us to always learn, improve, and improvise. We are afforded new and exciting opportunities for success so frequently.

What grounds you?
When I need grounding, I find spending time with friends and family near water does the trick. Being on the water has always been important to me and living in Prince Edward County has allowed me to really soak it all in. Not to mention how many amazing wineries are nearby!

Ask me about:
Getting the word out about what makes your organization great, living in Prince Edward County, canoe tripping, horses or travelling.

My daughter and our business make me so proud and I can talk about that all day long.