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Erik Rubadeau

  • Yeeboo Digital
Founder / Lead Strategist

As the Founder and Lead Strategist at Yeeboo Digital, Erik develops innovative strategies and programs for our clients that generate revenue by leveraging technology.

As an expert in integrated digital fundraising and technology Erik can frequently be found collaborating with our clients and internal teams to develop new projects and custom solutions in Luminate Online, NetCommunity, WordPress and more.

Erik believes that to truly understand digital fundraising you have to get your hands dirty; dig in, learn and implement. In his mind there is no knowledge more powerful than first hand experience.

With over a decade of cross-functional digital fundraising, marketing, mobile, design, analytics and web development experience, Erik provides expert insight and consulting on a wide range of projects.

Erik can frequently be found speaking about digital fundraising, leveraging mobile and the power of web analytics at conferences across North America.

Founding Yeeboo Digital has been one of his biggest adventures.

2 minutes with… Erik

What’s your favourite owl?
For me it’s the Saw-whet Owl. They are tiny by owl standards and super cute, but don’t underestimate how fierce these little guys can be.

What gives you wings?
Solving a complex problem. It’s hard to match the feeling you get when you find and implement an innovative solution to a challenging problem.  

What grounds you?
My mountain bike. When I need to burn off a little steam or think through a complex problem, there is nothing more therapeutic than a challenging ride.

Ask me about:

Digital Fundraising, Mobile, Donor Acquisition, Technology, Web Development, Conversion Strategies, Surfing, Music, Soccer, 3D Printing and VR.