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Navigating Narratives: Confronting Nonprofit Storytelling Challenges for Lasting Change

Navigating narratives: Confronting nonprofit storytelling challenges for lasting change

Storytelling has always been a powerful way to engage people and inspire them to take action. Whether it’s a captivating bedtime story, a riveting movie, or a motivational TED Talk, stories have the ability to capture our attention and stir our emotions. It’s no surprise then, that nonprofit organizations use storytelling as a tool to...
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Let’s explore each stage of the donor journey in-depth and examine the role that email marketing plays at each step.

Focusing in on your donor journey – the importance of email

Email is an incredibly powerful tool for nonprofits looking to build relationships with their donors. In fact, a recent report from Donor Direct noted that it’s the most effective channel for nonprofits to build awareness, acquire new donors, and generate donations. Pretty impressive, right? At Yeeboo Digital, we specialize in helping nonprofits create email marketing strategies...
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ConnectedTV - The future of nonprofit advertising

Connected TV 101: Focused advertising for potential donors

In today’s digital age there have never been more ways to reach your potential donors. Ad platforms exist for all forms of social media, Google and Microsoft are offering thousands of free dollars in grant spend and podcasts now feature growing nonprofits. Youtube has even created the Youtube Social Impact Program to highlight the reach...
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Is your nonprofit ready to adapt to privacy law changes?

Is your nonprofit ready to adapt to privacy law changes?

So you’re running a nonprofit and trying to find new donors? We feel you! It’s not easy, and it turns out you’re not alone. Articles, webinars and podcasts increasingly discuss “How to Attract Younger Donors”, donation form optimization, and social media strategy for engagement. A recent survey report put out by CCS Fundraising found that...
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