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Nicola Crenna

  • Yeeboo Digital
Digital Producer

Editor, Hand-talker, Supportive Muse, Caffeine Aficionado and Aspiring Derby Girl

The newest member of the Yeeboo Digital team, Nikki brings with her a strong passion for nonprofits and a tireless commitment to clients. She has an extensive background in fundraising and event management, project administration, and tech support. She is a Jill-of-all-trades, multi-tasker extraordinaire, and excels at creative problem-solving. A data wizard, interpreting the numbers and decoding their insights is her specialty, a skill she loves to use to help her clients meaningfully leverage their data.

2 minutes with… Nikki

What’s your favourite owl?
The Spectacled Owl, it can take down prey larger than itself. I identify with that.

What gives you wings?
I get a charge out of accomplishing a goal or assisting someone achieve what they previously thought was beyond their reach. I am passionate about helping people to find their voices, be it creatively or professionally. I particularly enjoy watching people open up to each other and making space for different perspectives.

What grounds you?
Finding purpose, or being purposefully purposeless. Summer rainstorms that are warm and quiet. Surprise gestures from people that show they were thinking of you, especially on days where you feel particularly ineffectual. Soul-soothing or soul-igniting movement. Immersive stories. Comfortable environments, rooms that invite you to examine their contents or forget the world outside.

Ask me about:
Time and resource management, solving complex puzzles, the effects of long-term sleep deprivation due to small children and the subsequent caffeine dependency that results, all manner of geeky things.