Engaging Networks Support

Engaging Networks Certified Implementation, Design & Development and Account Services Partner

Go Beyond the Supportal With Engaging Networks Super Support!

Engaging Networks Advocacy & Fundraising platform is pretty powerful. It has all of the tools a modern nonprofit needs to run a very effective online fundraising program. Yet many organizations look to a partner like Yeeboo Digital to help be more effective, get more done and ultimately maximize the return on the investment into a platform like Engaging Networks. 

Our entire team (from our account managers to our web developers) is Engaging Networks certified and have several years experience with all aspects of the Engaging Networks platform. In addition to being wizard level users of the platform we are also digital fundraisers at heart so we understand your goals and can provide guidance not just on how to use the product but also the strategy behind how best to use the product. That’s why many Engaging Networks clients in Canada and the USA have chosen Yeeboo Digital as their preferred partner. 


Creative & Experienced Engaging Networks Platform Experts

We've Helped Many Organizations Customize and Maximize their EN Investment
  • Donation Forms
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Pledge & Email To Target
  • Engaging Networks Hub
  • Peer 2 Peer
  • eCommerce Module
  • Event Module
  • Membership Module
  • Custom API Development

About Yeeboo Digital

Yeeboo Digital is a progressive, full service digital agency dedicated to supporting the nonprofit and charitable sector. We focus specifically on leveraging the power of technology to raise more money, drive more action and help our nonprofit clients change the world for the better. We work together in our office with amazing nonprofits across North America. 

Ready To Learn if Yeeboo Digital Is Right For You?

I get it, you want to reach out – but maybe you’re worried that you will be ‘sold’ or placed into an aggressive or never ending ‘sales cycle’. That’s not how we roll. Here’s what you can expect: You reach out, and we will email you back in a day or so to setup a short exploratory call at a time that works for you. The purpose of the call is to meet you, have an open discussion about your goals, needs and concerns – and for you to ask questions. We can walk you through who we are, what we do, what you can expect from working with us and if we think we can provide a solution. If you decide you like what you hear – we can send you a proposal.