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Lead Generation with Enhanced Chat Bot Engagement

Using Engaging Networks, social media lead generation, Facebook messenger and more, Yeeboo Digital conceptualized a lead generation & digital acquisition campaign strategy for UNHCR Canada.

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UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for people forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution. 

Today, UNHCR works in 137 countries. They provide life-saving assistance, including shelter, food, water and medical care for people forced to flee conflict and persecution, many of whom have nobody left to turn to. UNHCR defends their right to reach safety and help them find a place to call home so they can rebuild their lives. Long term, UNHCR work with countries to improve and monitor refugee and asylum laws and policies, ensuring human rights are upheld.

Campaign Highlights

there’s incredible value in being able to actually reach your audience. Getting a near 80% open rate is incredible by the standards of email or other mediums. The opportunity to leverage messenger related communications for action and support is apparent, yet very much still untapped. Perhaps your organization would like to reach more people with your message? 

77.2% Open Rate

500 New Potential Donors

Increased Engagement

The Challenge:

Before working with nonprofit agency Yeeboo Digital, UNHCR Canada was experiencing various challenges in generating leads and acquiring new supporters. The organization struggled to raise awareness and build engagement around the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, which was hindering their efforts to attract new donors.

Additionally, UNHCR Canada had limited experience in implementing effective digital marketing campaigns, and lacked the technical expertise required to navigate the complex world of online advertising and lead generation. These challenges made it difficult for UNHCR Canada to expand their donor base and secure the funding necessary to support their humanitarian efforts.

The Solution:

The lead generation campaign was implemented in order to generate more awareness, and individual support for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The digital marketing strategy aimed to enhance the newly acquired lead’s engagement to UNHCR Canada. This used a particularly personalized form of communication to build a stronger relationship alongside an email nurturing series to, ultimately, raise prospect of becoming a first time donor, solely converted through an online funnel.”

There were two proposed user flows that would acquire information such as name, email address, and phone number for potential new donors:

1. The first was lead generation within Facebook, using two Facebook advertisements, engagement with the ads by the user would then bring the potential new donor to a lead gen form. Once signed, users would receive a week long email nurturing series, ending in a call to action to support the people of Yemen with a donation.

2. The second was lead generation within Facebook yet with Messenger enhancement. The user flow started with the same two Facebook advertisements, engagement with the ads by the user would open a Messenger window within Facebook. The Facebook Messenger would begin to interact with the individual by first name, using pre-written copy and scheduled timing, providing a series of eight personalized messages over the course of approximately 2 weeks. The messaging described the crisis in Yemen, asked users to pledge their support by signing their name, email, and phone number to a petition form created in Engaging Networks Later messages implored users to share the crisis pledge with their network to assist in spreading the word on the situation in Yemen. This group of users would also receive the same email nurturing series alongside the Messenger drip.

The purpose of the split test was to determine whether a newly acquired lead via Facebook would have a higher propensity to donate after having a highly engaged and very personalized interaction with the organization through messenger.

The Results:

Yeeboo Digital provided invaluable support to UNHCR Canada by enabling the organization to gain close to 500 new potential donors. The results of their collaborative effort were truly remarkable, as demonstrated by the unprecedented open rate of the Facebook Messenger engagements. With an average of 77.2%, the campaign messaging successfully reached and resonated with the intended audience, showcasing the effectiveness of Yeeboo Digital’s approach and the positive impact of their partnership with UNHCR Canada


By collaborating with Yeeboo Digital, UNHCR Canada was able to implement an effective lead generation and digital acquisition campaign strategy. The campaign was designed to leverage various digital platforms such as Engaging Networks, Facebook, and Instagram Social Lead Generation.

Yeeboo Digital also created a custom Facebook Messenger Bot that invited ad clickers into the campaign and utilized the Ad to Messenger Object to enhance engagement. Additionally, the campaign was supported by a Marketing Automation system that facilitated timed Facebook messenger message deployments, resulting in increased email engagement.

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