Habitat for Humanity Canada

Unleashing Digital Fundraising Potential

The partnership between Habitat for Humanity Canada and Yeeboo Digital proved highly effective, achieving significant donor engagement, revenue growth, and online presence, empowering the organization’s mission to provide affordable housing solutions.

Habitat for Humanity Case Study
Increase in digital revenue
Increase in website visitors
Increase in average gift
Increase in paid media revenue

Habitat for Humanity Canada is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions and addressing the issue of homelessness in Canada. Their mission is to mobilize volunteers and community partners in building safe and decent homes for families in need.

The Challenge:

In 2019, Habitat for Humanity Canada faced several strategic goals, including file growth, mature digital segmentation, improved donor experiences, and integrated experiences between online and offline channels.

Additionally, they aimed to increase their overall digital revenue and enhance their fundraising efforts.

The Solution:

To address these challenges, Habitat for Humanity Canada partnered with Yeeboo Digital, a leading digital marketing & fundraising agency specializing in nonprofit organizations. Yeeboo Digital worked closely with Habitat for Humanity Canada over a 3-year period to develop and implement a range of strategies and initiatives.

Together, Habitat for Humanity Canada and Yeeboo Digital focused on expanding the organization’s digital reach and optimizing donor experiences. They developed targeted marketing campaigns, leveraging Yeeboo Digital’s expertise in digital advertising and marketing automation, to increase visibility and engagement. Yeeboo Digital also provided strategic guidance on website optimization to attract and retain visitors, improve user experience, and enhance online donations.

The Results:

The partnership between Habitat for Humanity Canada and Yeeboo Digital yielded significant percentage-based improvements across various key performance indicators. Their digital revenue witnessed a commendable growth of 7.24%, showcasing stable gains across all channels. This success reflects the effectiveness of the strategies implemented by Yeeboo Digital and the strong collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Canada.

Donor engagement showed remarkable progress, with the average gift increasing by approximately 32.1%. from $139.36 to $183.35.

Channel revenue breakdown highlighted notable improvements, with direct gifts increasing from 10.1% to 29.9% and paid media revenue growing from 2.8% to 14%. 

The year-end holiday campaign achieved a remarkable lift, with donations increasing by approximately 118%.  Yeeboo Digital’s strategic guidance and creative execution significantly contributed to the success of this campaign, resulting in a remarkable increase in contributions.

Yeeboo Digital’s expertise in email marketing and automation resulted in positive trends in email performance. The overall email open rate increased by approximately 11%, indicating improved engagement with supporters. The email conversion rate for year-over-year campaigns experienced a significant growth of approximately 57%, showcasing Yeeboo Digital’s influence on donor response and action.

Website performance metrics displayed notable progress, with an increase in website visitors from 314,099 in 2020 to 390,375 in 2021.

Paid media played a pivotal role in driving revenue growth. The paid media revenue increased from $37,989.50 in 2020 to $110,269.18 in 2021 with a Return on Ad Spend of 1049.08%.

Informational Data Infographic - Habitat for Humanity Canada


The partnership between Habitat for Humanity Canada and Yeeboo Digital yielded remarkable outcomes in donor engagement, revenue growth, and online presence. Leveraging Yeeboo Digital’s expertise, Habitat for Humanity Canada successfully addressed strategic goals and achieved significant results.

Together, they implemented effective strategies, resulting in notable percentage-based improvements. The 7.24% increase in digital revenue demonstrated the partnership’s strength

The year-end holiday campaign saw an impressive increase in donations, driven by Yeeboo Digital’s creative excellence and strategic guidance.

Email marketing and automation contributed to improved engagement. 

Website optimization led to a notable approximately 24% increase in website visitors, expanding Habitat for Humanity Canada’s reach.


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