ERDO Canada

A Website Facelift & Integrated Giving

A new website, child sponsorship program, and eCommerce store solved the challenges ERDO Canada had been experiencing in serving their audience and incorporating the necessary tools to facilitate donations and sponsorships.

ERDO (Emergency Relief & Development Overseas) is a Canadian non-profit organization that is committed to providing assistance to vulnerable communities around the world. ERDO focuses on three key areas that span from immediate aid to long-term programs: crisis response, child sponsorship and community development.

With the growing importance of online presence, the organization realized the need for a website facelift that would better serve their audience and streamline their operations.

The Challenge:

The previous ERDO website was outdated and lacked the functionality to integrate with their tech/giving needs. They needed a new website that would not only look modern but also incorporate the necessary tools to facilitate donations and sponsorships.

Additionally, they wanted a donor portal that would provide an engaging experience for sponsors.

The Solution:

Yeeboo Digital was brought in to help ERDO achieve their website and fundraising objectives. The team started by creating a brand new WordPress website that was visually appealing, mobile-responsive, and easy to navigate. The website was also optimized for search engines, which helped increase traffic and visibility.

The Yeeboo team created a customized child sponsorship program and donor portal that provided an immersive experience for sponsors.  Integrated with Blackbaud SkyAPI and ReNXT, this allowed donors to easily see their sponsored children, view their giving history, and update their contact information. Sponsors could also send messages or write letters to their sponsored children . This personal connection between sponsor and child helped increase engagement and donations.

The team also built an eCommerce store using Luminate Online for the ERDO gift catalogue. This allowed supporters to purchase gifts for loved ones while supporting ERDO’s mission. The store was integrated with the website, making it easy for visitors to access and purchase products.

The Results:

The ERDO website facelift and integration of their tech/giving needs resulted in significant improvements for the organization. The new website saw an increase in traffic, and the streamlined donation process made it easier for supporters to give. The child sponsorship program was a huge success, with many sponsors engaging more with the children they sponsored. Finally, the eCommerce store helped increase revenue for the organization, while also allowing supporters to contribute to their mission.


ERDO’s partnership with Yeeboo Digital resulted in a successful website facelift and integration of their tech/giving needs. The new website, child sponsorship program, and eCommerce store have all contributed to the organization’s mission and increased engagement with their supporters. By working with Yeeboo Digital, ERDO was able to achieve their objectives and better serve their audience.

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