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Tuning into Innovation: CKUA's P2P Fundraising with Yeeboo Digital

CKUA Radio Network embarked on a pioneering journey to explore the potential of P2P fundraising within the context of a media organization.

Tuning into Innovation: CKUA's P2P Fundraising Transformation

CKUA Radio Network, a respected nonprofit media organization, has been a cultural cornerstone in Alberta, Canada, for decades. Known for its diverse music and thought-provoking content, this long-standing nonprofit has cultivated a strong community presence. However, when it came to peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising they were entering uncharted waters.

The Challenge:

CKUA Radio Network embarked on a pioneering journey to explore the potential of P2P fundraising within the context of a media organization. They faced several challenges:

Starting from Scratch: There was no prior experience with P2P fundraising, making this an entirely new venture.

Unique Strategy: Their initial strategy involved wanting to equip each radio host with their own personalized giving page, enabling on-air fundraising efforts. 

Community Engagement: The client envisioned involving transmitter communities across Alberta by creating fundraising pages for each community. These pages aimed to foster competitive community-driven campaigns, where local supporters could rally together for a shared cause.

The Solution:

To address these challenges and realize their P2P fundraising vision, CKUA Radio Network partnered with our team here at Yeeboo Digital. Together, we worked to implement a multifaceted solution:


TeamRaiser Implementation: Adoption of TeamRaiser, a robust BlackBaud P2P fundraising platform, to lay the foundation for their fundraising efforts.

Individual Host Pages: Yeeboo Digital worked closely with the nonprofit team to create personalized TeamRaiser giving pages for each radio host, facilitating on-air fundraising and personalized engagement with supporters.

Community Fundraising: CKUA and Yeeboo Digital collaborated to establish dedicated fundraising pages for transmitter communities across Alberta. This allowed communities to join and initiate competitive campaigns, fostering a sense of local ownership and involvement.

DIY Empowerment: Yeeboo Digital set up the client with the ability to give engaged community advocates the ability to become fundraisers themselves.



CKUA Radio Network’s journey into P2P fundraising, with Yeeboo Digital’s unwavering support, showcased their adaptability and commitment to innovation. By implementing TeamRaiser and fostering community-driven campaigns, CKUA, not only successfully entered the P2P fundraising arena but also strengthened their connection with their audience and community.

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