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Zero Prostate Cancer

Running Toward a Brighter Future: Fundraising Transformation with TeamRaiser

Zero Prostate Cancer had been using a previous fundraising platform but identified a need for improvement and innovation.

Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk, a dedicated nonprofit organization, orchestrates a nationwide movement to combat prostate cancer. Their annual fundraising events, spanning multiple cities, unite communities and generate crucial funding for research, education, and advocacy. With thousands of participants, events in numerous cities, and a substantial financial impact, Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk plays a pivotal role in advancing prostate cancer initiatives.

The Challenge:

Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk already had an existing TeamRaiser platform with a wealth of custom elements. However, they encountered a unique set of challenges:

Front-End Redesign: The organization desired a complete front-end redesign of their TeamRaiser platform to enhance the user experience and reflect their commitment to prostate cancer research.

Integration of Custom Elements: While pursuing the redesign, Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk needed to ensure that the new front-end seamlessly integrated with the custom elements on the back end, preserving the unique features they had developed.

Multi-Location Complexity: The organization hosted events across multiple locations, and they wanted to implement customizations related to zip codes. On mobile devices, the platform needed to display the three closest locations automatically when location sharing was enabled.

Custom Page Structures: Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk required custom location page structures, personalized and team page formats, and specialized thumb navigation, among other customizations.

The Solution:

To address these intricate challenges and rejuvenate their fundraising experience, Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk partnered with Yeeboo Digital, a nonprofit marketing and fundraising agency known for its expertise in tailored solutions. Together, they crafted a comprehensive solution:

Front-End Redesign: Yeeboo Digital led a fulsome design process, reimagining the front end of the TeamRaiser platform to deliver an engaging and user-friendly interface.

Seamless Integration: The Yeeboo Digital team ensured that the redesigned front end seamlessly integrated with the existing custom elements on the back end of the TeamRaiser platform.

Multi-Location Optimization: Custom zip code functionalities were implemented to enhance the user experience. On mobile devices, the platform intelligently displayed the three closest locations if location sharing was enabled.

Custom Page Structures: Yeeboo Digital developed personalized location page structures, tailored personal and team page formats, and a unique thumb navigation system, creating a cohesive and customized experience for users.

The Results

The collaborative efforts of Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk and Yeeboo Digital resulted in impressive outcomes:

Enhanced User Experience: The front-end redesign provided a modern and user-friendly experience, attracting and engaging a wider audience.

Seamless Integration: The new front end seamlessly coexisted with the organization’s existing custom back-end elements, preserving their unique features.

Improved Accessibility: The custom zip code features and mobile optimizations made it easier for supporters to find and participate in events across multiple locations.

Customized Engagement: Tailored page structures and thumb navigation enhanced user engagement, encouraging personal and team fundraising efforts.

The partnership between Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk and Yeeboo Digital exemplified the power of collaboration in the nonprofit sector. By leveraging Yeeboo Digital’s expertise, the organization successfully revitalized their fundraising platform, delivering an improved user experience and ensuring their continued commitment to prostate cancer research and advocacy.

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