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Revitalizing Philanthropy: Transforming P2P Fundraising with TeamRaiser

Sunnybrook Foundation chose to work with the Yeeboo Digital based on our extensive knowledge of TeamRaiser and our long-standing partnership with Blackbaud.

Revitalizing Philanthropy: How Yeeboo Digital Transformed Sunnybrook Foundation's Fundraising with TeamRaiser

Sunnybrook Foundation is a dedicated nonprofit organization that plays a pivotal role in advancing healthcare excellence. With a focus on research, education, and patient care, their mission is to make a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Sunnybrook Foundation’s fundraising efforts are critical to supporting their healthcare initiatives and making a difference in countless lives.

The Challenge:

Sunnybrook Foundation faced unique challenges and opportunities:

Long-Term TeamRaiser Use: The organization had been using TeamRaiser for an extended period, necessitating a fresh approach to maximize its potential.

A Proven Partnership: Yeeboo Digital had cultivated a longstanding and trusted relationship with Sunnybrook Foundation through various support initiatives, including email campaigns, which laid the foundation for an expanded partnership.

Race for the Kids with RBC: Sunnybrook Foundation’s “Race for the Kids” event, in partnership with RBC, required enhancements to the existing TeamRaiser platform to elevate the event experience.

Enhancing User Engagement: The organization sought to implement innovative strategies to engage participants, including customizable registrant questions, tailored email journeys, and a competitive spirit for industry challenge registrants.

The Solution:

Sunnybrook Foundation chose to work with the Yeeboo Digital based on our extensive knowledge of TeamRaiser and our long-standing partnership with Blackbaud. Together, we worked to solve the challenges Sunnybrook Foundation was facing.

TeamRaiser Enhancement: Yeeboo Digital upgraded Sunnybrook Foundation’s existing TeamRaiser platform, taking inspiration from the original design and incorporating improvements to optimize the participant experience.

Innovative User Engagement: To enhance user engagement, Yeeboo Digital introduced a versatile overlay feature, accessible at any point on the website, to facilitate participant interactions and registrations.

Diverse TeamRaiser Types: Three distinct TeamRaiser configurations were implemented to cater to different participant profiles, ensuring a personalized experience for each registrant.

Customized Registrant Questions: Yeeboo Digital customized registrant questions to gather relevant information and enhance participant engagement, fostering a deeper connection with the cause.

Tailored Email Journeys: A personalized email journey was developed to provide registrants with valuable information and nurture their commitment to the cause, ensuring a seamless experience.

Fostering a Competitive Spirit: For industry challenge registrants, a competitive spirit was instilled to encourage participation and support, elevating the impact of the event.

The Results

The upgraded TeamRaiser platform delivered a modern, engaging, and user-friendly event experience, attracting and retaining participants. The versatile overlay feature simplified participant interactions and registrations, streamlining the engagement process. Tailored TeamRaiser configurations and customized registrant questions ensured a personalized experience, fostering a deeper connection between participants and the cause.

The personalized email journey provided valuable information and nurtured participant commitment, resulting in increased engagement and support. Instilling a competitive spirit among industry challenge registrants boosted participation and overall event impact.

The partnership between Sunnybrook Foundation and Yeeboo Digital exemplified the potential for transformation in nonprofit fundraising. By leveraging Yeeboo Digital’s extensive knowledge of TeamRaiser, Sunnybrook Foundation not only enhanced its TeamRaiser platform but also deepened participant engagement, ensuring continued success in advancing healthcare excellence.

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