Customized Success: Bladder Cancer Canada's Fundraising Transformation with TeamRaiser
Bladder Cancer Canada

Customized Success: Fundraising Transformation with TeamRaiser

Bladder Cancer Canada had been using a previous fundraising platform but identified a need for improvement and innovation.

Bladder Cancer Canada (BCC) is a dedicated nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of individuals affected by bladder cancer. Their mission is to provide support, raise awareness, and fund research initiatives to combat this disease, offering hope and assistance to those in need.

The Challenge:

BCC had been using a previous fundraising platform but identified a need for improvement and innovation.

They encountered several challenges:

Enhanced Functionality: Bladder Cancer Canada recognized the potential to enhance their fundraising efforts and create a more engaging experience for their supporters.

Customization Requirements: The organization aimed to tailor their fundraising platform to align with their unique branding and specific needs. 

Key Fundraising Event: BCC annually hosted a significant fundraising event crucial to their mission. This event consistently generated substantial financial support, making its success essential for the organization, so increasing fundraising here was of great importance to the BCC team.

The Solution:

To address these challenges and unlock the full potential of their fundraising efforts, Bladder Cancer Canada partnered with our team here at Yeeboo Digital, a nonprofit marketing and fundraising agency renowned for its expertise and customized solutions. Together, we implemented BlackBaud’s TeamRaiser product to do the following:

  • Customized TeamRaiser Template: Yeeboo Digital provided BCC with a customized version of our TeamRaiser template structure, tailored to meet their unique needs and branding requirements. This template served as the foundation for their enhanced fundraising platform.
  • Branding Integration: The customized template seamlessly integrated BCC’s branding, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable experience for their supporters.
  • Milestone Badges: Yeeboo Digital implemented custom milestone badges, recognizing and celebrating the achievements of donors and participants, fostering a sense of accomplishment.
  • Address Lookup: Yeeboo Digital incorporated an address lookup feature to simplify the donation process, making it more convenient for supporters to contribute.
  • Corporate Sponsorships: The platform was customized to support corporate sponsorships at multiple locations, allowing Bladder Cancer Canada to expand their fundraising reach.

The Results

With Yeeboo Digital’s expertise and the implementation of the customized fundraising platform, Bladder Cancer Canada achieved remarkable results:

  • Streamlined Donations: The address lookup feature simplified the donation process, resulting in a more seamless and user-friendly experience for supporters.
  • Brand Consistency: The integrated branding ensured a consistent and recognizable presence for BCC, reinforcing their identity and mission.
  • Milestone Celebrations: Custom milestone badges celebrated donor and participant achievements, fostering a sense of community and recognition among supporters.
  • Successful Annual Fundraiser: BCC’s main annual fundraising event continued to thrive, consistently generating substantial financial support for their mission.

The partnership between Bladder Cancer Canada and Yeeboo Digital demonstrated the transformative power of customized solutions in the nonprofit sector. By leveraging Yeeboo Digital’s expertise on the TeamRaiser platform, BCC not only achieved enhanced functionality but also strengthened their connection with supporters, ensuring continued success in their mission to combat bladder cancer.

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