Your MVP for Digital Marketing and Online Fundraising

This is the second in our ‘Digital Fundraising Basics’ series that will cover the what’s and how’s of creating a digital fundraising program.

At Yeeboo we love a simple solution to a complex problem. We know you want to raise funds online, but you aren’t entirely sure how. In the first edition of this series we talked about getting your team ready to kick some digital ass.

In a time when many organizations are looking to stretch administrative budgets in the most effective way, augmenting your team can return the investment many times over for your fundraising efforts.

Now that you have had a chance to take notes on the resources available to you in your own office, let’s take a look at how you can amplify your team and leverage what you are already doing in direct marketing to raise more money online.

Even on a strict budget, adding the support of a dedicated team or individual to execute your digital initiatives can lift your fundraising efforts to new heights. At Yeeboo we offer a Virtual Digital Coordinator to help you execute your campaigns across digital channels. With an experienced and expert team doing the heavy lifting, you can focus on creating the content and messaging that will make an impact.

For those of you who are looking for a more integrated approach, hiring a digital agency to run your online campaigns gives you the power of an entire digital team at a fraction of the cost. Our Digital Marketing Services team is fluent in all things www (or https:// for the secure amongst us), working from top-level strategy right on down to the nitty-grittys of all your little digital children. If you’re looking for a mama bear for your digital fundraising cubs, look no further.

When you are thinking about augmenting your team, it is good to consider where your strengths are and where you can use the help. If you are confident in your ability to manage multi-channel campaigns, you may just want someone who can support you in getting over the execution hump. If you are asking what a multi-channel campaign is, it is time to hire an agency. Experience and expertise are what will raise you money online, and though there is no fast-track for getting there, we have some simple solutions you might like.

Call us and find out. Or don’t…it’s not like we know any remarketing tactics or anything 😉

With Love,

The Yeebees

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