Google Adwords Grant Management

Activate Your Results with $10k Per Month of Free Advertising

Over 80% of internet use originates at a search engine. This makes search marketing a pretty good place to meet new people who might be looking for your organization, but have never heard of you before. Now add in a free $10k media budget every month and this opportunity is really quite incredible. 

Why Hire an Agency To Manage Your Grant?

We are experts in Google Ads Strategies and platform. Every organization needs more traffic to their website. You are also always on the lookout for your next advocate or donor. What if your next advocate or donor could be sent to you from an ad that advertised on relevant keywords to your organization? This is the Google Ad Grant opportunity. When you hire an expert team to help guide you through the complexity of  search marketing you are making the most of the free media budget that Google is granting. 

Account Audit

  • Full and In-Depth Account Structure Review

Opportunity Analysis

  • Finding New Opportunities & Audiences

Keyword & Audience Segmentation

  • Drilling Down Into The Details

Tracking Results

  • Analyzing Results & Setting Next Actions

Ready To Learn if Yeeboo Digital Is Right For You?

I get it, you want to reach out – but maybe you’re worried that you will be ‘sold’ or placed into an aggressive or never ending ‘sales cycle’. That’s not how we roll. Here’s what you can expect: You reach out, and we will email you back in a day or so to setup a short exploratory call at a time that works for you. The purpose of the call is to meet you, have an open discussion about your goals, needs and concerns – and for you to ask questions. We can walk you through who we are, what we do, what you can expect from working with us and if we think we can provide a solution. If you decide you like what you hear – we can send you a proposal.