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Because digital marketing and fundraising is measurable and the data from Google Analytics is a critical tool in helping to support your long-term fundraising strategies.
Is your nonprofit looking to optimize your fundraising efforts? You have likely heard that you can use Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your online fundraising campaigns. But unless you take into account the right metrics, it’s easy for even the best-designed website or campaign pages to fall flat. So today the Yeeboo Digital...
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How nonprofits can best use custom event in google analytics
Introduction You may not realize this, but you can use Google Analytics to capture specific events. In fact, when you track your website’s traffic with Google Analytics, there are already a handful of built-in event types that come with it by default. These include Pageview Events (when someone visits a page on your site), Social...
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4 common ways nonprofits use google analytics
Introduction As a nonprofit, you know that the only way you can improve your impact and grow your support is by tracking and analyzing your progress. Here are some common ways that nonprofits use Google Analytics (GA) to measure their work: To track how their website is functioning Google Analytics is an essential tool for nonprofits because...
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This is the second in our ‘Digital Fundraising Basics’ series that will cover the what’s and how’s of creating a digital fundraising program. At Yeeboo we love a simple solution to a complex problem. We know you want to raise funds online, but you aren’t entirely sure how. In the first edition of this series we...
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This is the first in our ‘Digital Fundraising Basics’ series that will cover the what’s and how’s of creating a digital fundraising program. So you want to raise money online? Congratulations, and welcome to the wide world of digital! This can be a scary place at times, but fortunately for you, we know many sophisticated...
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Giving Tuesday Now
GivingTuesday has announced a Day of Global Action for Giving and Unity in Response to COVID-19 on May 5, 2020. This could be just the spark our sector needs in response to the fear and panic that the postponement or cancellation of event season will mean for many organizations. Many organizations are reeling from the...
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