Sick Kids Foundation

Revamping the Sick Kids Foundation's Ecommerce Website

A revamp of Sick Kids Foundation’s eCommerce website provided an updated and engaging platform for their fundraising efforts.

Sick Kids Foundation (SKF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children. Their mission is to support the SickKids Hospital, Canada’s leading center for pediatric healthcare, through fundraising initiatives that provide critical resources for research, treatments, and care.

The Challenge:

Sick Kids Foundation had previously been using Shopify for their ecommerce platform but needed a more tailored solution to ensure they could issue tax receipts for donations. They wanted a fresh and engaging website that resonated with their values, inspired by the success of the CAMH’s (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) new ecommerce site, implemented by our organization.

The Solution:

Our team provided a comprehensive solution for Sick Kids Foundation, including the following key updates and features:

  1. A Fresh Look: We revamped the visual design using our custom wireframe template, creating an updated and refreshing interface that aligned with SKF’s mission and values.

  2. Enhanced Communication: To provide a more personalized donor experience, we introduced new eCards that could be sent to recipients at the time of symbolic gift purchase. This allowed donors to share their generosity and support for the cause with personalized messages.

  3. Engaging Messaging: To ensure essential messages reached the right audience, we developed a custom lightbox and alert box strategically placed to capture attention and convey important information effectively.

  4. Streamlined Navigation: We restructured the website’s navigation to reflect key categories, including options to explore donations “by area of impact” and “by price.” This allowed donors to easily find the causes they were most passionate about.

The Results:

The overhauled ecommerce website for Sick Kids Foundation stood out with the introduction of personalized eCards. Donors warmly embraced this thoughtful addition, creating a significant improvement in the overall donor experience.

These eCards added a deeply personal touch to their contributions, fostering a profound emotional connection with the foundation’s cause. It’s evident that these eCards have become a cherished feature, enhancing the donor experience in ways on multiple levels. The foundation can now forge stronger connections with its supporters, and the impact of their contributions is felt even more deeply, fostering an even stronger bond between the foundation and its generous donors.



Through the Yeeboo Digital collaboration with Sick Kids Foundation, we successfully upgraded their ecommerce website on the Luminate Online platform. The customized solutions implemented, such as personalized eCards, streamlined navigation, and effective communication tools, enhanced the donor experience and strengthened their connection with the foundation’s cause.

The successful launch of the new ecommerce site has further empowered the foundation to continue their essential work in improving the health and well-being of children through vital research, treatments, and care.

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